Edwardian Gold Horseshoe Nail Bracelet 1908

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United States
A Charming Edwardian gold bracelet. The 14k tapered (5/8″-1/4″) rich-colored yellow gold bracelet in the shape of a rounded horseshoe nail. This Edwardian piece is indicative of the sporting style that was prevalent in gold jewelry of the time. This jewelry celebrated the new freedom women were experiencing in everything from riding the hunt to attending one. We love this bracelet because it not only is bold but feminine with a whiplash end suggesting the snake.. a symbol for everlasting love. Patented January 28, 08, this pieces was later given as a gift and engraved R.K.K to L.F.A 8/31/19. This is a thick walled hollow piece made in Newark New York ( makers mark F in a shield) A great and sentimental piece of American jewelry. 13g , Inside dimension is 6 1/2″



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