Henry Alvin Sharpe a High Carat Gold and Ruby Ring

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United States

A brutalist high carat gold ring by Henry Alvin Sharpe. The wide band with numerous engraving and massive claw setting holding an unusual shaped 82.55 ct corundum , marked : UNIQUE, 24K, HAS, Gold, Studio. On the back of the ring: H. ALVIN SHARPE, GOLD, HAS, Ruby 82.55 ct. On the ruby prongs marked: Tear of David. Best known for his design of Mardi-gras doubloons for New Orleans, H. Alvin Sharpe was a painter ,writer and sailor as well as self taught silversmith. His work is uniquely clever and bold. This one of a kind ring is a rare example of his work in gold. Stong and individual .Weight: 41.3 dwt.



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