Masenza Franco Canilla Gemstone Gold Bracelet

Masenza Franco CarillaIMG_8396_t IMG_8397_t IMG_8398_t IMG_8401_t IMG_8403_t

Circa 1950
A Chic gold and gemstone bracelet by Franco Canilla for Masenza. The 1 2/8″w x 6 1/2″ interior 18k Yellow gold hinged crossover bangle terminating in two stylized heads with cabachon ruby and sapphire hair respectively, accented with diamond eyes and collars. A very “gemmy” piece, the stones almost glisten like wet hard candy. In the late 1940’s Mario Masenza, opened his stunning jewelry store in Via del Corso, Rome. A baroque interior that became the showplace for precious works of wearable art. Executed in gold by some of Italy’s most prestigious artist’s, Canilla, Afro, Capagrossi etc. Masenza’s workshops helped transform artistic ideas into one of a kind precious jewels. This piece , by Franco Canilla is one of these rare examples. The style, known as the “school of Rome ” is not only a collectors piece, but an elegant and stylish piece of artist- jewelry. Elegant and sophisticated.



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